Top 5 Limousine Models For Prom Nights

Prom night is considered as one of the most memorable moments for high school or college students, and is an event that no one would dare miss out on. Most would prefer going to the prom in a stylish and affordable manner as possible.

What would a prom night be without a ride in a limousine? There are upmarket saloon cars, that seat about 6 people, stretch limousines that seat about 8 to 10 people, and super-super stretch limos that seat more than ten people. The bigger they get, the more costly they are going to be. However, the bigger they are, then the more people that they will hold. So if splitting the bill with others is a good idea, then the cost per person might well be within your price range.

More Young People Are Renting limousines For Prom Night

More and more young people are renting limousines for prom night transportation than in previous years, according to an industry insider.

Traveling by limousine on prom night is now considered a very safe way to travel,as parents need not have to worry about their child driving later at night and worrying if there would be a chance of having the teenagers figure in an accident from drunk driving or overspeeding. Renting a limousine for the prom also proves to be an economically sound choice. When several couples share and combine resources, they could make a full night out of their limousine rental and even go to dinner before the prom or dancing at the club when the prom is over.

Top 5 Prom-Night limousine Models

As the market for limousine rentals shifts to cater to the lifestyles of young adults, newer and sleeker limousine designs have now been manufactured, to cater to young folks who want to go partying in style riding the newest limo versions. Currently the top limousine model for prom-night party goers would be the Hummer H2 Customized Series, which could come in an assortment of colors, from black to pink.

The Hummer Limo series also comes in the standard 6-seater version, and also offers the superstretched Hummer series, which could accommodate up from 18 to 20 persons.

Other famous limousine models for prom nights are the Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, the Jaguar S-Series, and the limousine Bus,which seats up to 22 persons and is equipped with a 42″ big screen TV with VCR & DVD, black leather seats, crystal bars, champagne and crystal rock glasses, AM/FM stereo with CD, fiber optic lighting, and overhead mood lights.

Tips To Remember Before Getting One

There are many aspects to consider regarding prom limousine rentals. To minimize costs and maximize your fun, here are a few prom limousine rental tips. Since prices vary with each limousine rental firm, you should shop and compare rates at a few local companies before committing yourself to one limousine service. While some companies increase their rates per hour, others keep a stable rate and require a minimum service, usually at least six hours.

Prices also fluctuate with the passenger size of limousine you rent, so luxury limousines that carry 15 passengers are most costly than 6 or 8-seaters. The more passengers, however, the more the cost is spread out. To avoid getting stuck with excessive charges, think of cost per person. You may also want to drop by the limousine company ahead of time to check if the limousine you’re renting is appropriate–a prom night limousine should not be too extravagant, but the service should at least offer clean and safe vehicles.


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  2. Edward Says:

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