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9 Helpful Things To Remember In Renting Limousines

October 18, 2008

Limousines are an important ride used for various occasions. And since not all people can afford to buy the luxurious ride, many choose to rent these cars during special events. When renting limousines, there are 9 helpful things you should consider. Here is a list of those guidelines:

The Type Of Event

Not all types of limousines have the same price. When renting limousines, remember to consider the type of event you are planning to attend to. Weddings are usually more expensive compared to basic airport transfers of passengers. So before you book for limousines, remember to have the price quoted by the owner first.

Know The Location Of Rental Shop

Some limousines arrive late during your special day; and that is because the shop is far away from the place you have to be fetched in. You have to tell the rental owner or the chauffeur about how far your place is; this will give them an idea about how early they should prepare before going to your place.

Head Count

At times, brides choose to ride with the whole entourage. If this is the case, you have to count the number of people who will ride inside the car. You have to know the head count to ensure that everybody gets to ride the limousine.

You Get What You Pay For

In most cases, low prices for limousines mean poor services. If you want to save much on limousines, you can look for shops which can provide quality services at an average cost. You simply have to scout for these shops as there may be plenty around town.

Check For The Limousine Shop

Most registered rental shops provide good and legal services. You have to check on them in your local government and see if they are a qualified limousine rental shop.

Check For The License

License checking is very essential in renting limousines. You would know if the driver is capable and professional enough if you check on their license to operate such rides. You have to make sure that you are dealing with the right professionals so the limousine ride can be safe for you.

Limitations In Food, Drinks And Smoking

You might look for some extra amenities like drinks, chips, or even cigar. You have to inquire your localities and the rental shop about these kinds of privileges in their limousine services.

Ask About The Music

During your ride, you might prefer some music to be played inside the car. You can request for some songs from them or you can bring your own CD’s so you can fully enjoy the limousine ride.

Visual Inspection

Before you consider reserving the limousine, make sure to conduct a visual inspection of the car. Seeing the limousine yourself may actually be different from viewing them over pictures. So to have an idea of how they look, visit the shop and inspect the limousine yourself.

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Various Occasions Which Require A Limousine Ride

October 18, 2008

Limousines are rented for various occasions. And because not all people can afford to buy these rides, many choose to rent them instead. Today, many individuals or groups rent limousines for various reasons. Here are the most common occasions which require you to rent this ride:


Weddings come on top of our list because survey shows that this is the most common reason why limousines are being rented. Although the rental may take only a few hours, a lot of people rent limousines for their special day. Renting a limousine for your wedding may also cost more than the other rental services. Because brides choose luxury limousine rides for such event, you can only expect the costs to go much higher.

Brides may choose white long stretch limousines so the whole entourage can fit into the car. Others may also choose sedans for their wedding day. When you book for weddings, be sure to reserve months before the said date. Doing so would guarantee a perfect ride for your wedding day.


Most high school groups rent limousines and share on the expense. Limousines are a very special ride for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. If you plan to rent for your prom night, be sure to book ahead of time. Since proms are one of the peak seasons of limousine rentals, you should make sure that you reserve ahead of the other groups. Remember, many schools celebrate proms on the same date.


Although anniversaries aren’t a common reason for limousine rental, there are couples who prefer spending their special day in this ride. They can travel from one place to another cuddled at the back of the car. Having a chauffeur is more comfortable than driving on your own for the anniversary date.


Groups rent on limousines for special concerts. If a popular band or group would have a concert in your area, you might want to go as a group to the venue of the said event. Because a lot of glamorous people attend these concerts, you might need a car that is fit for the occasion.

Casino Trips

Las Vegas is the home of many limousine rental rides. Because of the lines of casinos in the city, a lot of tourists want to go casino-hopping. And because the place is full of glamour, many choose to rent limousines to fit into the glitzy city. Casino trips are also one of the various reasons why limousines are rented.

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Step By Step Guide In Renting Limousines

October 14, 2008

Renting limousines require a series of organized steps. If you rent limousines in such an orderly manner, you can avoid problems along the way. To serve as your guideline, here are some simple steps you need to follow in renting limousines.

Step # 1 – The Type Of Event

You have to consider the type of event in renting limousines. The event is important in telling which make and model of limousine you should rent. It could be a bridal limousine, a corporate event, or a glamorous party. Most rental shops know what type of limousine to lend you if you declare the event you are planning to go to.

Step # 2 – Accommodation

Before renting limousines, you must find out the number of people who will ride in the car. The size of limousine will vary greatly depending on the number of individuals who are going to ride inside the car.

Step # 3 – Hours Of Service

Most companies charge limousine rentals on an hourly basis. So if you have a certain budget for this ride, you have to consider the number of hours you are planning to rent the limousine.

Step # 4 – The Vehicle Type

There are several limousine types available in rental shops. You can rent an SUV, a sedan, classic cars, and even a party bus. The vehicle type should match perfectly well with the event you are planning to go to.

Step # 5 – Reserve Early

If you do not want to run out of limousines – especially if it’s a peak season – then you must rent early on these cars. You can call several shops and inquire about the rental process.

Step # 6 – Visit Various Rental Shops

For you to make better choices, you need to visit several rental shops and know about their prices, offers, and services. You have to canvass on this especially if you have a budget for the limousine ride.

Step # 7 – Decide On A Good Rental Shop

After you have canvassed everything, your next step would be deciding on a rental shop. You have to consider all factors before you even decide. The price, the discount offer, and the quality of services should be your main criteria in choosing limousine rental shops.

Step # 8 – Learn How To Book

When you book for limousines, you must ask for a contract to make the rental process legal. The agreement will help keep professionalism between you and the shop owner.

Step # 9 – Follow Up Calls

If you have already signed a contract, then follow up calls will be your next priority. If you booked for their services months before the event, you can call the shop on a monthly basis just to remind them of your reservation.

Step # 10 – The Date Of Your Event

On the said date of your event, you should call the rental shop 3 hours prior to the exact time. This serves as a follow up call and would make you know if things are going as you planned it to be.

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Experience Grand Entrance With A Limousine

October 14, 2008

Everyone want to feel elegant every time the will attend a gathering, especially if the event are being attended by famous people and celebrities. Yes, there are some occasions that you need to prepare to have the elegance that you want. You need to plan for it so you will not be way out ahead of the other people who will attend a party.

If you were invited to attend a gathering where celebrities attending the party, you need to prepared and plan for that day. You need to fit in with those people and somehow reach their standard of living. You may start with the clothes that you will wear, think of a famous designer that will put those pieces of clothes together to fit in with the style and class of celebrities out fit. Visit the parlor for make over and cleaning, enjoy foot spa, face spa and all of the spas available.

And to complete the package, you need to think of how you will have a grand entrance on the party. Usually celebrity’s rides on a luxury car to get the attention of a lot of people while walking on a red carpet. Wow, that is really glamorous; it is somehow a problem for average people who can’t own to have a luxury car.

The only way that you can have a glamorous entrance is to think of a vehicle that can give you an elegant look. There are car for rent service in the market that can surely help you with your transportation concern. So you don’t need to worry in having a luxury during the event, a limousine service company can help you to have a grand entrance in the party.

There are lots of choices you can have, if you want to have a luxury ride you can visit these companies and see it for yourself. You can select from different models and brand. Also there are those limousines that have a 10 to 30 sitting capacity. This is good for a group of people, and if you have friends who have the same problem in transportation service, you can share the cost in hiring a limousine service.

Sharing the cost is a smart way of lowering your cost in renting a limo service and if you have a lot of friends who want to experience a grand entrance, your expenses can be lowered down as many friend you can have sharing the cost of limousine service.

Having a grand entrance would not be a problem as long as you know what you want and find ways how to have it. Thanks to limousine service for a cheaper way of experiencing glamour of a grand entrance.

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Travel to Different Places with Limousine

October 9, 2008

Travelling from different places is a good experience and it is more exciting having a reliable transport service, especially if you are new in the place and want to explore and visit different tourist spot of the country.

Reliable and convenience is what most people looking for a transport service, reliable in a way that it is always on time and very prompt to their customer. Good quality service is what they are being paid for, and when we say quality service, this includes the satisfaction of the customer on their service and if the customer is happy rendering their service.

Travelling can be exhausting but knowing that you have the right transport service in lessen the stress that you may have. Most of the transport service that you can have is limousine service, especially if you are going to travel around the city and want to visit different views and establishment on the city.
You can shop around the city with the help of the limo driver, because most of the driver is all used to go and familiar to different tourists spot on the place. And for you to have the quality service that you need for a transport service, try to look for a company that has a high reputation in terms of limousine.

Go to different limousine service company and check the services that they offer. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to their staff and try to look for the available limousine that they have. Check the limo inside out and make sure that all facilities are all in a good working condition. Check all the features of the limousine, one feature that a limo should have is the roof door, this is good if you are cruising around the city and want to see the beautiful view. You can put out your head and see the beauty of the place and at the same time feel the fresh air on your face.

Ask some friends or relatives if they had an experience renting a limo, it is better to hire that company who had a good reputation in terms of limousine service. Good testimonies from these customers are what customer needs to know before hiring a limousine service.

You can check limousine service online and compare the services that they offer. This is good for those who have time to go these companies and check it themselves, in a way it is a convenience to those people who want to hire limo even they are at home.

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7 Risks Involved In Renting Cheap Limousine Services

October 9, 2008

Cheap limousine services are always attractive. And although you’ll benefit from the low price, you may experience several disadvantages in renting these cheap services. So as much as you want to save on the rental service, you might want to think twice about the kind of services they can provide you.

Here are the seven risks involved in renting cheap limousines.

Risk # 1 – The Limousine Does Not Show Up

Some cheap services – although not all of them – do not keep a log book of their activities. Because of this, your reservation wouldn’t show on their records. The limousine wouldn’t arrive and could ruin the entire day you planned for.

Risk # 2 – Late Limousines

Some limousine services are just too careless that they miss the event you booked for. You might be late on your flight or on a corporate meeting. Good limousine services always follow-up on their customers; and since you rented on cheap services, you might wind up not getting contacted by the shop at all.

Risk # 3 – Wrong Limousine Model Shows Up

There may be times that the wrong limousine model would show up on your doors. Instead of the white stretch limousine you rented for the wedding, a hummer limousine arrives. This happens in cheap rental services because most of the shops do not keep precise records.

Risk #4 – Poor Customer Service

You can expect to have poor customer service in cheap limousine rentals. Chauffeurs may also not exercise proper treatment to customers. Complaints may also not be attended to immediately in cheap limousine services.

Risk #5 – Poor Car Quality

Since you rented on a poor limousine service, you can expect for a poor car quality too. You cannot expect these cars to be in perfect shape since they are being rented at a very small price.

Risk # 6 – No Insurance Coverage

Another disadvantage in cheap limousine rentals is the unavailability of insurance coverage once accidents happen during the transport. Expensive limousine services are costly because they pay for accident insurances in case of injuries or damages during the time you rented the limousine.

Risk # 7 – Lesser Benefits Compared To Quality Limousine Services

More expensive limousine services have more benefits. They can have complimentary drinks inside the car and they may offer extra services and amenities depending on the event that you are going to. You can ask about these benefits in rental shops so you may know the amenities you can enjoy in a quality limousine rental service.

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Starting A Small Time Limousine Rental Business

October 6, 2008

Having your own business is perhaps the most fulfilling experience you could encounter in life. The size of your business doesn’t actually matter much since your venture can grow to be lucrative if managed properly.

Today, one of the best ventures you could be in is a limousine rental business. At first you may think that a big capital would be needed; but if you look deeper into things, you’d find out that a limousine, a chauffeur, and a landline would be the only things you need to start a small time business.

How To Begin

No business can ever guarantee success. And there is no venture that wouldn’t require hard work and effort on your part. So if you plan on this kind of business, be sure to save all your efforts and toil hard in the venture. The first essential step you need to take is to be prepared enough for the rough roads that you might encounter.

Beginning on a limousine rental business is actually simple. You have to get the necessary permit to start. You also have to gather all the things you need so the business can be started as soon as possible.

Know What You Need

Since you are planning on a small time business, everything you need would be just easy to acquire. Perhaps the hardest to acquire would be the limousine itself. But because loans are widely available today, it is still possible for you to purchase the car you need. You can start with just one limousine and a chauffeur in the business. Because there is plenty of room for improvement, you can always upgrade your services at a later time.

Aside from the car and the driver, you would need landlines so customers would reach you easily. You also have to post ads about your business so many individuals can hire your services. Through internet, bulletin posts, flyers, and recommendations, you can easily attract the first few individuals who can be your regular customers in the business.

First Impressions Last

Since you are still starting on the business, it is important that you make a very good impression to your customers. Remember, you need them so further recommendations would be made. You also need these clients to keep as regular customers.

Your clients should be served well by the chauffeurs so you can expect them to hire you again the next time. Your driver also has to be trained carefully so the customers will be very pleased with the services.

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VIP Ride With A Limousine

October 6, 2008

Riding a limousine cannot only give you elegance but convenience, convenience in a way that you will be treated as a VIP. And this way you can fell confident and somehow feel that you are a very important person.

We all know that most of the people who used limousine are those famous people and known celebrities. And riding this kind vehicle will somehow make you feel that you are a celebrity. It is really kind of obvious that people who ride in an expensive or elegant vehicle are treated well.

And if you will observe those guys who work in high class hotel, if they see an expensive vehicle approaching, they will prepare themselves to assist the person who comes out of that vehicle. But if a person is riding in a not known brand vehicle with a lot of scratch and bump mark on it, guys on the hotel will usually hesitate to assist you and sometimes ignore the people who come out of the vehicle.
Everyone loves to be treated nice and feel the importance of their presence. Though this sounds like a hypocrite, human are somehow have the tendency to criticize and judgmental. They are usually up to what they seen physically and somehow this is where limousine are use to cover up the things that is not too nice on a specific person.

You can be someone if you are riding a limo; you can have the same feeling that celebrities feel every time they are being treated as VIPs. So a lot of people uses limousine as their service in attending a meeting, party, conference, awarding to be recognized by the people in the place.

And to make sure that you will be recognized on the event that you will be attending, you need to choose a good quality limousine service. Limousine service are scattered all over and in choosing you need to consider few things.

Choose a company with a high reputation in terms of limousine, you may ask some testimonial from your friends who had encountered hiring a limousine service. Try to visit them personality to check if the people who work on that company are accommodating and friendly.

Check out the available cars and do some inspection inside and out. Choose a car that is appropriate to the event that you will attend. Make sure that doors and window don’t jam and see if all facilities on a limousine are all in a good working condition. Try to surf on the net and compare each limousine service company, so you won’t waste time going to each company to inquire about their service.

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The Different Professional Services That A Limousine May Provide You

October 2, 2008

Limousine aren’t only used or rented in parties and in other glitzy transports. They can also be utilized in many professional ways. By simply asking for a company’s particular services, you will know the various transportation systems that a rental shop may provide you. Here are the most common services offered by limousine rental shops.

Corporate Meetings And Events

Limousines are usually used during important business meetings and events. A lot of big companies rent limousines on special occasions. Since these are corporate meetings, high end services are greatly needed by a company to impress guests and other business participants.

Companies also save more on renting limousines. Since the services are on package deals, companies find limousine rental services more convenient and affordable.

Day Trips, Long Distance Travels, Point To Point Destinations

The most common reason why limousines are rented is because of point to point destinations. They are used during weddings, prom nights, and many other red carpet events. Because not all people can afford to buy their own limousines for such special events, many individuals rent on these kinds of cars instead.

Aside from point to point destinations, limousine rental shops can also handle long range travels and day trips. If you are planning for a long travel, you can definitely be more comfortable in a limousine. You’d be surprised to know that they cost cheaper than other transportation systems too.

Airport Transportation

Clients usually rent limousines for airport transports. Limousines would usually fetch the guests from the airport and transport them to specific destination spots. More often than not, big companies hire this kind of service. This kind of transportation is also a lot cheaper considering that many guests will fit inside one limousine.

Hotel Services

Most limousine rental shops team up with hotels. Because consultation and rental is much easier this way, many guests prefer to reserve limousine rides through their hotel services. However, not all hotels offer this kind of service. Mostly, big hotels are the only ones which render limousine rentals.

Bus Or Vehicle Wraps

Many rental shops today offer bus or vehicle wraps in their services. You can choose from among a number of limousine makes and models to match the event that you are attending to.

If you inquire from several rental shops, you’ll know more about the various professional services they can offer you. Some even have extra services like taking you to the most beautiful places in a city. You would know all about these by simply researching about a company’s various limousine services.

Renting a Limousine Can Add Fun and Excitement to an Event

October 2, 2008

Planning for a great event in your life! Maybe you are thinking which one to contact in order to make that occasion even better.

In hiring a limousine service, you do not have to worry who will drive for the trip. There will also no hassle for finding directions, which way to turn, looking for parking space and so on. Since the limo driver will be the one who will take care about all these. All you and your friends have to do is enjoy the trip to Miami.

Limousines come in different formats which includes the well known stretch limousine. Stretch limo is the standard vehicle which professionally lengthened and fitted out with a choice of luxuries. Another type of limousine is the sedan limousine. Sedan is referred to us as a Corporate Car / Hire Car / Town Car. So, pick the one that is right for your needs.

One common mistake of people who are renting limousine services is being caught to the limousine company that offer very low prices, chances are the limousines suits its prices. Fair market value would be better than cheap prices. So to see fair market value, just research by asking your family and friends that can give you some important information about limousine services, its prices and rates or you can use the internet in researching for a limousine service.

You could also ask with the limousine service in Miami if they have a back up vehicle for you in case it is needed, this is part of seeing how reliable the limousine company is. Having back up limousine is important, you can never tell that the Miami limousine service you rented might have a mechanical problem or the like, that would ruin your special day if there is no back up vehicle.

Whatever the occasion or event will be, hiring a limousine service can make that certain occasion a memorable and enjoyable one. All you need to do is find the right Miami limousine service that can best fit your needs. There are heaps of Miami limousine services, just do some research to find the right one for you. For you to have the right limousine service, you need to do simple research in finding the best limousine company that can provide you with the best service that you need.

Considering all this tips can give you much work, but it is still important to come up with a smooth running process. But this time and effort will come up to an enjoyable prom night.